Sometimes Life Gets In The Way
8:14 PM | Author: thenewmiranda
So, it has been quite a long time.

Unfortunately, life got in the way- in the way of blogging, dieting, weightloss. It is something that life does to each and every one of us. What is important is that we don't use it as an excuse to give up. So, here I am.

A quick summary - my grandmother passed away. I had cared for her for two years, living in her home. Obviously an emotional shakeup that was quickly followed by a need for a new housing situation. So, my fiancee and I bought a house - overwhelming! Lots of stress, renovations, adjusting (we went without a stove for five weeks while ours was lost in the abyss of Sears). I also went back to work at a new job for a photography company after a year of compassionate care leave and I started pushing my own photography business aggressively. There was a lot of adjusting. Two months into the new home, my fiancee's mother passed away out of country and a few months later my ex-husband passed away suddenly.

Our lives were roiling with emotion, stress - we had a need for comfort and finding nothing but strangeness and change. As such, we derailed. It took about a year and a half but I gained back 40lbs of my 77lb loss. It was mostly through inattention to eating, making bad choices and letting my emotions control my food choices.

You know how it goes, it creeps up on you. All of a sudden you wake up and you're needing new pants. Its no good.  So, this May (2012) after my fiancee's birthday, I decided I was going to try again.  This time, I took a combo approach. Back to MFP but I had a coach this time to help me combine South Beach principles with calorie monitoring and (ack!) exercise.

It wasn't easy. In fact, it was hard. I had to unlearn bad habits again, and at the same time learn a new diet. I was skeptical about it - low carb, high protein - thats pretty limited. There were growing pains, but my coached helped me with some recipes and I ended up not feeling like I was missing a whole lot at all.

After a while, it became natural. I started not to notice missing carbs and sugars. In fact, the few times I tripped up I ended up feeling horrible - it turns out, your body detoxes itself off of sugars. I still can't drink soda without becoming an angry rancid wench.

So I stayed dedicated to it, and about 5 months in I joined the gym and quit smoking. I surprised even myself when in about 7 weeks I was able to run for about 15 minutes in my 30 minute track cycle. When I started it was about 30 seconds.

So, theres the short (well, somewhat) and sweet(ner) version of the last two years. I am planning on maintaining this blog more actively over the next nine months as I finish my loss cycle.  Between May 14th and Dec 29th of 2012 I lost 41lbs and 24.5 inches. I am wearing a size 18 loosely (far cry from the tight 24 I started this in way back in 2009) and I would like to lose another 40ish lbs and get down to a 12-14. I have until September - why? Because I'm getting married!! I want that dress to be va-va-voom!!

Thanks for reading, and following all this time :)

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